"The Walking Dead" creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman has joked recently about killing off beloved character Daryl Dixon in season five. But based on a new promo image for the show, it appears that Kirkman may not have been kidding after all.

The photo, which premiered on EW.com, shows Daryl (played by Norman Reedus) bound and gagged, bloodied and bruised, and staring up and what we can only imagine is a gun or other threatening weapon/person. While Daryl has escaped close calls with death before, we still can't help but be worried for him -- now more than ever.

Season five of the AMC zombie drama will deal with the folks at Terminus, the mysterious settlement at which Rick and his people arrived at the end of season four, and were promptly detained in a train car. Previoussneakpeeks at the upcoming season have hinted that the struggle for survival is more desperate than ever, as humans have become just as threatening as zombies in the new post-apocalypse world.

"The Walking Dead" returns for its fifth season sometime this October.

[via: Entertainment Weekly, h/t Uproxx]

Photo courtesy Gene Page/AMC/Entertainment Weekly
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