jurassic world pamphletsWARNING: This post contains some SPOILERS about possible plot points featured in "Jurassic World." Read on at your own risk.

The "Jurassic World" viral marketing machine is taking things up a notch with the release of a brochure for the titular theme park, which outlines all the attractions (including a spoiler-y list of the featured dinosaurs guests can gawk at) and offers a list of guidelines for maximum safety. (In case you couldn't guess, feeding the raptors is a big no-no.)

Pajiba has a whole bunch of images of the brochure, which really does look like something you'd get at a real-life theme park, featuring a big, colorful map of Jurassic World, a handy key for finding child care areas and food stands, and even ads for the park's corporate sponsors. Traveling to Isla Numblar but for some reason not really into dinosaurs? There's a golf course for that.

There's fun for all ages at Jurassic World, including a Gentle Giants Petting Zoo that's aimed at younger park goers, as well as several spots to view the park's large, carnivorous dinos chow down on helpless prey. (The brochure helpfully notes that those activities "may be disturbing for small children.") A stroll through an enclosed aviary to view pterosaurs is deemed "safe for all guests," though we suppose "safe" is a relative term when it comes to a park filled with dinosaurs.

This is a fun, clever piece of marketing that's certainly a bit tongue-in-cheek -- rules warning guests not to tap on glass enclosures or tease the animals are just begging to be broken on screen when the flick hits theaters next summer -- and also offers plenty of opportunities for cross-promotion. (See the aforementioned sponsors, as well as Jimmy Fallon, listed in the brochure as the host of an instructional welcome video.)

We'll be curious to see just how much of the map makes its way into the finished product when "Jurassic World" opens on June 12, 2015. [via Pajiba]

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