2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 8
Twitter has been a blessing for many television shows, as live-tweeting and hashtags have made viewing episodes live and interacting with other fans a priority. But those hashtags can become cumbersome when the show you're tweeting about has a wordy title -- after all, there's only 140 precious characters to work with -- and that's exactly the dilemma that's facing Shonda's Rhimes's new series, "How to Get Away With Murder."

Just don't expect Rhimes to care too much.

That was the executive producer's message during an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour Tuesday, where she said that thinking about what titles work best on social media was not a priority when naming a new series.

"We don't consider a hashtag when we're writing a show," Rhimes said in response to a query about pithy titles that have become all the rage recently. (See fellow ABC freshman show "Selfie," or Rhimes's own smash hit "Scandal.")

"It was always our first instinct for the show," added "Murder" creator Pete Nowalk of the wordy moniker, noting that it was meant to grab viewers' attention, as well as double as the name of Viola Davis's law professor character's class.

"In terms of the Twitter stuff, I feel like the audience will decide what they want to call the show," Nowalk added, a notion with which Rhimes agreed.

"The idea that we decide what Twitter is gonna call something is a very weird notion to me," she said. " ... Twitter has a lovely community of people who decide stuff and then they hashtag stuff. It's a very new notion now that networks are trying to push networks on the community of Twitter. Twitter makes stuff up and that's far more interesting."

"How to Get Away With Murder" -- or is it #HTGAWM? -- premieres on ABC on September 25.

Moviefone is tweeting live from the ABC TCA presentation today -- follow along here for more TV updates!
[via: TheWrap]

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