This week we reached that special moment when our Bachelorette and her suitors face a choice: Will they forgo their individual rooms for an evening in the fantasy suite together? Well, this time, not all the guys had a choice. Because Andi wasn't ready to spend the night with everyone in the running. What happened?

-The long-awaited "fantasy" portion of this whole thing all went down in the beautiful Dominican Republic. First Andi met Nick for a day date, which involved a helicopter to a private beach for some quality swim and makeout time. This was probably the most conventionally sexy date of the three, and it worked in Nick's favor. She kept describing him as "passionate" which fit the mood and also mentioned they had an "adult romance." OK. Nick opened up about his broken engagement and admitted it bruised his ego, but he still had trouble spitting out "I love you" to Andi. While at a candlelit dinner by the beach, Nick said he had a "childlike sense of wonder" which was clearly true because he totally made Andi an illustrated fairytale book telling the story of their relationship. Andi said she felt "hopeful and safe" with him, which is nice? This was actually a redeeming night for salty Nick -- dare we say he almost won us over here? Almost. To the fantasy suite they went!

-Next up was Josh, who got to explore the capital city of Santo Domingo with Andi. Boring and totes unsexy, right? Not at all! Because they preceded to play baseball with the local kids and Josh was his charming, goofy self and proved how good he was with children (translation: father material!) which Andi took to. This was a turning point for these two, who were having some trouble taking it to the next level emotionally. Andi wanted to believe he was in love with her and we think she finally felt it this time. Josh (duh) accepted the fantasy suite card and fireworks went off randomly, but probably because this is "The Bachelorette."

-Then Andi and Chris went horseback riding. Before their time together, Andi admitted that this was a "make or break date" and she didn't know if she was comfortable spending the night with Chris at this point in their relationship. Andi is obviously in love with Chris's family -- she continuously tells him this throughout their date and they even recreate a game they played back in Iowa, "Ghosts in the Graveyard." But all that just wasn't enough. Andi reveals to Chris that she was struggling with how she felt about him and that she couldn't move forward with him even though she "feels like an idiot." Farewell, dear Chris. You're our bid for the next Bachelor and will make some lovely lady very happy one day!

And then there were two. Since it's just between Josh and Nick at this point, we'll spare the rankings and get to the real question: Who's Andi gonna choose? We need to see how meeting her folks goes, but our head and our gut says Josh. Is it weird that our heart says Nick? They just click, you guys.

Who do you think Andi will pick and why?


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