When two stars have chemistry, anything is possible. Such is the case with "Sex Tape" stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. Since making 2011's "Bad Teacher," the pair have developed a comic shorthand, with banter full of inside jokes, sex talk, and, yes, a barb or two. Mostly though, they just try to make each other laugh.

'Sex Tape' Unscripted - Full Interview

Nowhere is this more evident than in our latest Unscripted, in which the self-deprecating duo poke fun at each other (and themselves), and answer some pretty fascinating fan questions, like "If you were to make a sex tape, what would you save it as to make sure no one would watch it?" and "What's the No. 1 rule all actors should remember when filming a sex scene?" (See, we told you they were fascinating.)

As a bonus, you get to watch Jason's reaction to Cameron saying the word "mountain." Trust us, it's worth watching.

"Sex Tape" hits theaters (and the Cloud?) this Friday, July 18.

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