Did you miss Tuesday night's late night talk shows? Moviefone's got you covered. Here are some highlights:

Jimmy Fallon had an epic kayak race with Cameron Diaz on "The Tonight Show," and it started with both accusing the other of cheating. The race course was pretty amazing - winding backstage through the studio, past the dancing Hashtag Panda, twoElton John impersonators, and fellow guest Josh Gad. Only one of them actually made it across the finish line. Just guess who won.

When not helping out during the kayak race, Josh Gad was a guest on Jimmy's show. Behind the scenes, he shared his worst audition ever - which was for Juilliard, when he tried to improvise Shakespeare. Not a good idea.

Conan O'Brien sat down with "True Blood" and "Magic Mike" alum Joe Manganiello, who gave lessons in How To Be A Good Male Stripper. He emphasized the importance of a good stripper name. (His suggestion for Conan: "Big Red.") Joe also showed off his ridiculous body with some stripper moves, and Conan tried to replicate. Love the body rolls. Sofia Vergara gets to date this man! (Joe, not Conan.)

Anna Paquin was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," talking about how last week they filmed the very last day of "True Blood." Anna said it's completely surreal and sad. Now that the show is over, she's going to make plans with her family members in New Zealand and London and try to actually keep those plans. You can also hear Anna get bleeped just before the 2-minute mark, when she talked about how her body had changed during "True Blood," after her two babies. She really noticed the change when she had to put on her old costume. "It turns out that pre-baby t-ts are, like, so much bigger than post-baby t-ts. Sorry, babies." Seth: "I love that you apologize, not for saying t-ts, but for saying baby instead of babies." Seth asked production if they just got beeped a bunch for "t-ts." Yep! Anna said she's been on HBO too long.

Chrissy Teigen, always good for over-sharing, was on "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler, who is also good for the same. They talked about Chrissy's husband, John Legend, and how he can do no wrong. Chrissy is the mouthy one in the relationship, which Chelsea loves. They talked about Twitter haters and Chrissy admitted she does care what people say. Then they delved into how John and Chrissy met, and how he writes his songs in the nude. "He does a lot in the nude," Chrissy revealed, including the dishes.

David Letterman talked to Jason Segel - aka Cameron Diaz's "Sex Tape" co-star - and Liv Tyler of HBO's "The Leftovers." Jason talked about the technical aspect of filming sex scenes for a movie, in front of many male crew members. "They make you stuff yourself into a long, like, basically panty-hose looking thing," Jason explained. "So I look like Snuffleupagus, walking out onto this thing. And you see other grown men who are just shaking their their heads in shame and pity, eating sandwiches while it's all happening. There's nothing sexy about it."

Liv Tyler shared the story of a cross-country RV trip she took with her son. On the way, they visited her old friend Steve Zahn, who lives on a beautiful farm in Kentucky. She has the sweetest, most soothing voice, it's worth listening to her talk about anything.