ouija movie trailer"It's just a game" should go right up there with "I'll be right back" in the list of Things You Should Never Say in a Horror Movie.

The new trailer for the "Ouija" movie is pretty much exactly what you'd guess: a bunch of teens trying to reach a spirit -- their dead friend -- when creepy stuff starts happening.

This preview, at least, makes the movie (directed by Stiles White) look extremely cliched. There's a lot of chandelier-rattling, creaking floorboards, and a sage old lady. "We have to play the game again -- one last time," one of the teens whispers. (Yes, and add "... one last time" to that list, too.) The fact that the trailer debuted on the Facebook page for ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" should tell you everything.

Still, it could end up being a lot of fun.

"Ouija" stars Olivia Cooke, Daren Kagasoff, and Douglas Smith, and premieres Oct. 24

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Terror awaits five friends who unwittingly awaken a dark power by using an antique Ouija board. Read More