annabelle trailerLast summer's R-rated ghost story "The Conjuring" was scary. Like really, really scary. Like, if something happened to the projector during our 10 am press screening on a warm, bright summer day, and the film would have been interrupted or cancelled, then we would have been completely okay with that. Others felt the same way, and the movie scared up over $300 million in worldwide box office. That's enough for Warner Bros and New Line to begin building a franchise around the film – while a sequel is tentatively scheduled for next year, a spin-off has already been shot and will be coming out this Halloween. The subject of the spin-off is the super creepy doll from the first movie. That's right, folks: get ready for 90 minutes of "Annabelle." The first teaser trailer dropped today; watch it with the lights on.

While the trailer doesn't give us much in the way of story, there is a lot of set-up that you can infer. We're introduced to a young couple (Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton) who are expecting their first child. We see the husband give his wife the doll (something she has seemed to want for a while) and then a sequence where a couple of psychopaths break into the couple's house and are fatally injured while holding onto the doll. Now, using my amateur ghost busting manual and my Blu-ray copy of "Child's Play," you can kind of guess that at least one of these psychopaths transfers their consciousness into the doll, leading all kinds of crazy horrible things happening.

Original "Conjuring" director James Wan produced the film, while cinematographer John R. Leonetti steps in as director. We'll see how many hallmarks of the "haunted doll" sub-genre (littered with everything from that section of "Trilogy of Terror" to the amazing army men episode of "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" to "Child's Play" to the Stephen King-penned episode of "The X-Files") will be present and accounted for in "Annabelle."

"Annabelle" opens on October 3rd.

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