In the battle of "Star Wars" uber-nerds, who reigns supreme: Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? As part of a promotional video for a UNICEF charity campaign that will award one lucky donor a small role in "Star Wars: Episode VII," the Comedy Central hosts engaged in a battle of wits, lightsabers, and cosplay to find out.

The clip begins with Colbert excitedly calling Stewart to tell him about the opportunity, to which Stewart replies that he's "the biggest 'Star Wars' fan in the world." Naturally, Colbert disagrees, and the pair agree to a trivia-off to settle the score.

Colbert arrives to find Stewart dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi, but wielding a red lighstaber like Darth Vader's -- "My blue Obi-Wan lightsaber had no batteries in it," Stewart sheepishly admits -- which the pair then "use the Force" to trade back and forth while spouting off random "Star Wars" trivia. Stewart is eventually awarded the win by a weary Colbert, thanks to his skillfull (and speedy) change into a Princess Leia costume, complete with giant buns hairdo. The duo can't help but recreate a classic Han and Leia exchange, the perfect cap to the silly clip.

Whether we see Stewart pop up in "Episode VII" or not remains to be seen -- he has to donate to the UNICEF campaign, after all -- but fellow "Star Wars" obsessives still have time to contribute to the cause and enter themselves into the contest. More information is available on the campaign's website.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" -- potentially costarring you -- hits theaters on December 18, 2015.

[via: Gawker]
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