Colbert Announced New Captain America
Stephen Colbert revealed some big news about everyone's favorite patriotic super solider last night on "The Colbert Report." Before bringing out Marvel Comics' CCO Joe Quesada, Colbert dropped the knowledge that the role of Captain America was open. Colbert questioned who could possibly fill the role, and had the crowd chanting "Stephen!" repeatedly, before he could finish the question. But answer it he did.

The previous Captain, Steve Rogers, lost his superpowers in a recent comic released by Marvel. Quesada explained that Rogers's time as Captain America was over, marking the occasion for a new hero to emerge. The Marvel Comics honcho revealed that Samuel Wilson, more commonly known as "The Falcon," will be donning Cap's signature red, white, and blue.

The Falcon was featured in the most recent Avengers sequel, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," as he aided Steve Rogers in taking down Hydra. Quesada said, however, that this Captain America change is strictly for the comic books. For now.

Photo courtesy of Comedy Central
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