Neil Patrick Harris' Review Of His First 'Gone Girl' Screening

Fans of Gillian Flynn's novel, "Gone Girl," who are unsure of how the book's upcoming big screen adaptation will turn out can breathe easy. Neil Patrick Harris, who stars in the flick, says it's awesome.

In an interview with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri, NPH revealed that director David Fincher recently showed him a rough cut of the completed flick -- not color-corrected yet and with different music for now -- and even in its unfinished state, the actor was quite impressed.

"I really, really loved it," Harris said. "I loved the book, and I thought since [Flynn] did the screenplay as well, it's in most ways true to the book -- mostly in its kind of unsettling nature. You leave feeling just kind of rocked by what 'relationship' can mean."

Fincher's vision for the movie was inspiring, Harris added, noting that the notoriously meticulous director took an active interest in every facet of the film, from the lighting to the sound to camera angles, creating an immersive environment for actors to assume their characters' identities fully and keeping the book's tone intact.

"David Fincher is super good at making things creepy through being so quiet and ponderous and kind of beautiful," the actor said. "I'm just a big fan of him as a director, as an artist. ... He's really skilled at everything, and he sees everything, and he's just kind of a master. So to be a piece of that puzzle ... I'm incredibly humbled and grateful and I'm pinching myself."

"Gone Girl," which also stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, and Emily Ratajkowski, opens on October 3.

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