weird al fancy parody handy"Weird Al" Yankovic, who we thought was much funnier when we were 13, continues his 8-day video-palooza with a new clip called "Handy" (courtesy of Yahoo Screen). It's built around the Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX earworm "Fancy," and, you guessed it: it's about the joys of being a handyman. It's pretty dumb but, in that special, "Weird Al" way, also pretty funny. Just watch the video and judge for yourself.

Thanks to some pretty low-rent special effects, every gag in the song is fully articulated in cheaply constructed visual form. If you are hankering for the halcyon days of "Home Improvement," when every power tool had a corresponding comedy routine, well, you'll probably be very happy. Unlike some of the other videos, however, this one is sadly cameo-free. Oh well.

"Handy," and a bunch of other songs that will probably get videos this week, can be found on the just-released "Weird Al" album "Mandatory Fun," which is said to be the performer's last album. We can't decide if that's sad or "about right." Let us know, won't you?