angelina jolie brad pittIt's been nearly 10 years and numerous children since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt co-starred in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," and to say things have changed since then would be an understatement.

Now they're both powerhouse behind the scenes in Hollywood, with Pitt producing films like "12 Years a Slave" and "Moneyball" and Jolie writing and directing dramas like "In the Land of Blood and Honey" and the upcoming "Unbroken." They're joining forces again on a new movie called "By The Sea," which Jolie will also write and direct. They will also produce the film. It will be a Jolie-Pitt cinematic overload!

There's not much detail about "By The Sea" except that it's an "intimate, character-driven drama." Although "Unbroken" is looking like a good horse to bet on in this year's Oscar race -- it's based on Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book about the life of the late WWII hero, POW, and Olympian Louis Zamperini -- the jury is still out on Jolie's filmmaking chops. Although "Blood and Honey" got a Golden Globe nomination, the Bosnian war drama didn't find much of an audience; some of that probably had to do with the bleak subject matter, but plenty of people probably wrote off Jolie as a director without a second thought. However, it's likely that audiences will see just about anything that reunites Jolie and Pitt on the big screen, no matter how skeptical they may be of Jolie's behind-the-scenes prowess.

We're hoping the "Maleficent" star will enter yet another exciting new phase of her career with these upcoming projects.

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