green lantern honest trailerIt's been three years and one day since "Green Lantern" appeared in theaters with a thud, so why not revisit all the painful ways it went wrong with this rejiggered trailer from Screen Junkies?

"Honest Movie Trailers" takes no prisoners when it comes to ripping apart a movie that stunk up the screen, and "Green Lantern" definitely let 'er rip. No one is safe here -- not the dumb-looking CGI, the nonsensical plot, or the limp performances from Ryan "Not Gosling" Reynolds and Blake Lively. "Too nerdy for mainstream America and too mainstream for nerdy America," this DC Comics flick made its production budget back only with help from foreign moviegoers; it brought in only $116.6M domestically, with $53M of that coming in on the opening weekend.

"Green Lantern" was a stinker, but can't we let bygones be bygones? Was it really that epically bad compared to, say, "R.I.P.D."? (That's not a rhetorical question; we didn't see either of them.) Anyway, we're firm believers in second (or third or fourth) chances, so we're still looking forward to seeing Reynolds in Marjane Satrapi's "The Voices" and Atom Egoyan's "The Captive" later this year. Perhaps he's on the cusp of a McConaissance.

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