Helen Mirren wants to give us what we want, and what we want is a Helen Mirren who can deliver one-liners with gusto and give as good as she gets. Which is why she's the perfect Dame (sorry, Judy Dench) to play Madame Mallory, the prim and proper (and stubborn as all get out) proprietor of a Michelin-starred restaurant in the French countryside, in "The Hundred-Foot Journey."

The Hundred-Foot Journey - Clip No. 1

The movie, which has the impressive credentials of being produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, and directed by Lasse Hallström ("Chocolat"), concerns an Indian family that opens a restaurant directly across from Madame Mallory's very fancy French restaurant, an establishment that draws guests in the form of prime ministers, presidents, and other assorted dignitaries.

In this preview, debuting exclusively on Moviefone, Papa Kadam is very angry with Madame Mallory about her insistence that his son, the very talented Hassan, come work in her kitchen. He thinks his son should stay in his kitchen, while she thinks he's destined for greater things. Both are stubborn, quick-witted, and full of barbs -- which is fun to watch. Plus, Mirren's reaction to Kadam's delivery or a smile-inducing allusion to her Oscar-winning role is priceless. "Yes, enough of you," he says. "Always up there like a queen or something."

"The Hundred-Foot Journey," complete with sassy Helen Mirren, opens everywhere August 8.

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The Hundred-Foot Journey
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