scarlett johansson pregnancyWith Scarlett Johansson pregnant, can "Avengers" fans expect the Black Widow to be expecting in the upcoming sequel, "Age of Ultron"?

Nope! Director Joss Whedon tells Entertainment Weekly that he'll shoot around Johansson's burgeoning belly. The actress got pregnant with her first child (with fiancé Romain Dauriac) just before filming began on "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

The only slightly complicating factor is the number of action scenes. Those will have to be undertaken by stunt doubles.

"We're not avoiding any of the danger because the stuntwomen do the danger -- as has always been the case," Whedon explains. "She's very central to the movie and when we heard [about the pregnancy] we scheduled things around that. She's not going to spend the whole movie carrying groceries. We didn't trim any scenes. We're like: We'll make it work."

Making it work involves a team of three stunt doubles, who cause her co-stars to do quite a few double takes.

"It's always funny. You walk by, 'Hey Scarlett, oh. Weird. You're not Scarlett at all. Sorry,'" joked Chris Evans aka Captain America. "A lot of fake Scarletts around."

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