July 20th, 2014 is the 20th anniversary of a very important bizarre moment in television history. Yup -- two decades ago we said goodbye to ABC "TGIF" classic, "Dinosaurs."

You may recall that the prehistoric puppet show ended on a total "huh?" note. Translation: the finale was absolutely bonkers.

In the episode called "Changing Nature," the Sinclear family of Pangea prepares for the annual migration of the Bunch Beetles, a species of bugs that eat cider poppies. But when the Beetles don't arrive, an overgrowth of cider poppies begins, and it is discovered that WESAYSO (the powerful corporation where Earl works) has created a wax fruit factory where the beetles were meant to breed. Still with me? Earl, the Sinclear family patriarch, is tasked with controlling the growth, but he sprays defoliant and ultimately destroys all plant life on the planet in the process. In an attempt to create rain for the plants' survival, the volcanoes erupt into smoke clouds (not rain clouds), which sets off a cooling front. Cooling front = ice age, which means these dinos are about to go extinct. So, basically, Earl killed everyone. The end.

It's quite the crazy sendoff for an almost equally crazy show. Want to know about more oddball series endings? Here are 10 (more) totally weird series finales we should never forget:

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection
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