expendables 3 comic-con postersEvery time an "Expendables" movie comes out, my heart gets flooded with bone-crunching glee. As a fan of '80s action movies, and the stars who anchored those movies using little more than raw muscle, some well placed sneers, and an itchy trigger finger, "The Expendables" franchise is the gift that keeps on giving. Each new installment seemingly resurrects the career of some bygone superstar, while offering plenty in the way of brand new thrills. And "Expendables 3," which has maybe the most exciting behind-the-scenes team, is no different. So we are thrilled to debut four new posters from the upcoming sequel (below). These are so hot they might as well be doused in kerosene and attached to stick of dynamite!

The four Warhol-esque character posters, rendered in bright eye-catching colors (just like a festive incendiary device), feature some of the sequel's new characters -- there's Mel Gibson as the evil arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks (proving that the poster isn't the only thing that's colorful about his character); UFC champion Ronda Rousey as Luna, "an athletic barmaid who teams up with the Expendables" (what? Oh well we'll allow it); and Glen Powell as Thorn, a hacker and combat vet who joins the team. The fourth poster is one of the oldie-but-goodies from the previous films: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench Mauser (is that really his name?), an ally of the Expendables whose role keeps getting bigger in each subsequent movie, so hopefully he's one of the main characters this time around. Because we love Arnold, obviously.

"Expendables 3" features maybe the most high-powered cast yet, with returning vets like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren (a standout of the series), Randy Couture, and Terry Crews, joined by some more old guys carrying machine guns in the form of Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer, Robert Davi, and Harrison Ford. Plus, this new film has some fresh blood behind the camera, with talented Australian filmmaker Patrick Hughes behind the camera (assisted by cinematographer Peter Menzies, Jr., who is one of our favorite below-the-radar action movie directors). In short: this one might be the most ass-kicking-est entry yet.

"The Expendables 3" opens on August 15th.

expendables 3 comic-con posterexpendables 3 comic-con posterexpendables 3 comic-con posterexpendables 3 comic-con posterPosters courtesy Lionsgate

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