kevin sorboPoor Kevin Sorbo. The former star of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," a syndicate series Sorbo says passed "Baywatch" in terms of popularity in the '90s, just wanted a cameo in the upcoming "Hercules," starring Dwayne Johnson. But nobody wanted him to make an appearance.

While talking to Dish Network, Sorbo said, " We were sort of taken aback that they wouldn't let me in that movie. Not even to do a cameo. I think it's kind of stupid, really." Stupid you say? How far did he go to try to secure a role, you ask? Well, pretty far. "We approached the director. I don't know what his reasons are. I don't know if it was political or ego or what it is? But to not put me in for a stupid little cameo? The audience would have loved it." Well, considering the director was "Rush Hour" auteur Brett Ratner, it's on him now for denying us the Hercules-on-Hercules goods.

Oh, and before you can even ask, his feelings were also hurt by being left out of the "Expendables" franchise, claiming that they had told him he would be in the second feature. "They told me they were going to put me in 'Expendables 2,' and they never did. Maybe I'm too tall for that cast, I don't know," Sorbo said, while somewhere, violin music was being played. Sorbo said he would be all about being in the third movie, but considering that movie opens in three weeks, that's probably not going to happen.

Fingers crossed for "Hercules 2"?

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