Actress Rachel McAdams was put in an awkward spot during a recent visit to "Today," when she was unexpectedly confronted with her audition tape from "The Notebook," which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

McAdams, who had stopped by to promote her new thriller "A Most Wanted Man," was caught off guard when a conversation with host Matt Lauer unexpectedly turned to her audition for the Nicholas Sparks weeper, the footage of which recently landed online. Lauer asked McAdams if it was strange to watch her younger self, and when the actress admitted she hadn't seen the tape -- "It would be weird," she said -- Lauer all too gleefully rolled the footage.

The scene shows a tearful McAdams arguing with an off-screen Ryan Gosling, and as the actress watched the clip, a split screen showed her covering her mouth in embarrassment and turning away from the footage.

"Why are you cringing?" asked an incredulous Lauer, who apparently didn't realize that making an actress watch raw footage from a decade ago -- acting opposite a former boyfriend, no less -- might be uncomfortable.

The segment quickly moved on from there, though we imagine McAdams is still smarting from embarrassment. But take heart, Rachel -- at least you once got to regularly lock lips with Gosling, who sadly is off the market now. We're hoping that those memories are at least fonder than past awkward auditions.

[via: Today, h/t Vanity Fair]

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