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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has lined up her next prestige project, and is set to star in a story about the woman who made Tupperware parties into the hot housewife craze of the 1950s and '60s.

The project, based on the book "Tupperware Unsealed" by Bob Kealing, focuses on Brownie Wise, a divorcee from Detroit who helped Earl Tupper and his then-flagging Tupperware business reach new heights with her ingenious plan to market the food storage containers. Deadline reports that the story will focus on how Wise convinced Tupper to let her take control of promoting the brand, and helped reinvigorate a company that is still at the top of its game today.

Per Deadline:

Wise was as savvy a businesswoman as they come and, in fact, was the first female ever featured on the cover of Business Week magazine.

... The story will focus on Wise's start and include the clashes that she had with the company founder Tupper that led to her leaving the company. Tupper had hired Wise at his company in 1951 but there was friction between them after she started getting so much public attention for her nationwide Tupperware parties. He later fired her after other companies showed an interest in buying him out. Apparently Tupper believed that having a woman executive would make the company less attractive to corporate suitors. As projected sales headed to $100M, he sold the company for $16M and gave Wise an insulting pittance of only $35,000.

The film is set to be written and directed by Tate Taylor ("The Help," "Get On Up"), who will also produce. No timeline for production has been set yet.

[via: Deadline, h/t Movies.com]

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