So, starring in a new "Star Wars" movie apparently isn't enough for young actors these days. They also want their own Marvel movies!

"Star Wars: Episode VII" star John Boyega tweeted yesterday that he also hopes to headline a Marvel film someday:
Boyega is a self-proclaimed comic book nerd who recently weighed in on Marvel's changes to its Captain America comics. So, naturally, he'd want to be a superhero himself. And he even has an idea about which one:
If you're not familiar with the reference, Boyega is talking about Black Panther, king of the African nation Wakanda. Fans speculated that Black Panther might be introduced into the Marvel cinematic universe after the company released a retrospective on the character last month. Plus, Marvel just announced they're making one movie featuring a new character every year through 2019. It's not a huge leap to imagine that Black Panther could be the focus of one of those movies.

Isn't speculation fun?

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