Look, we know the job market is tight these days, but perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal's character in "Nightcrawler" is coming on a little strong. Lou Bloom really, really wants to make it in crime journalism, and right now he's winging it freelance-style, but he's trying to persuade a television news type named Nina (Rene Russo) to hire him. "I'm a hard worker, I set high goals, and I've been told that I'm persistent," he says," but he's also looking like maybe he toes the line between persistent and downright psycho. We really feel for the people who stumbled upon Lou's "ad" on Craigslist for a gig, but then again, we've seen what people post on CL so turnabout's fair play.

It doesn't help that Lou's beat is nighttime crime, which means creeping on gnarly scenes across Los Angeles. That's something that really starts to get to you after a while, right? Especially if you're already a tad unhinged?

As Lou repeats throughout the trailer, "If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket," which is one of those Tony Robbins-type of self-help mottos. Unfortunately, it seems that Lou's desperation to make it in the biz takes him to some pretty dark places. Just how far is he willing to go? We're not sure about Lou, but Gyllenhaal went so far that he needed stitches after punching a mirror during one scene.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Paxton, and Rene Russo will start crawling the night on October 17.

[Via HuffPo]