To riff on Queen Bey, who runs the Internet? CATS. Maybe not literally -- because if they could, who would need bloggers? -- but their antics certainly fill the series of tubes which make up our online world.

Cats aren't the easiest actors to work with, but some filmmakers managed to wrangle these divas into at least a few minuets of screen time. We present you with Supercats! A supercut of cats in movies, set to the dulcet tones of The Cure's Lovecats. Obviously. Some are cute, some are evil, some are bald, some are fluffy, but we'll take them any way we can get them.

Note: there are some scary and/or bloody scenes in the supercut from movies like "Cat's Eye" and "Re-Animator," so caveat emptor.

Supercats!: A supercut of cats in movies from Ariel Belziti on Vimeo.

For more cinematic cats, be sure to visit Anne Billson's marvelous blog, Cats on Film.

[Via The AV Club]

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