Dwayne the Rock Johnson Movie Mistakes
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's movies are adrenaline-pumping, crowd-pleasing blockbusters. But that doesn't guarantee rock solid productions.

From a blatant continuity error in "Walking Tall" to a glaring production blunder in "Fast Five," here are a few movie mistakes from Dwayne Johnson films.

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Article photo courtesy of Everett
Fast Five
Based on 29 critics

Brian O'Conner and Dom Torretto join forces to confront a corrupt businessman who wants them dead. Read More

Based on 25 critics

Hercules, now a mercenary, helps the king of Thrace defend his country from a powerful warlord. Read More

Walking Tall
Based on 31 critics

A sheriff (The Rock) and a deputy (Johnny Knoxville) try to rid their town of thugs. Read More