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"X-Files" fans have heard whispers about a reboot of the beloved cult sci-fi series for years, but now the truth is out there: There's a very real chance that the series could return to Fox.

That news comes from the "X-Files" creator himself, Chris Carter, who chatted with Vulture about the possibility during a recent interview. Carter was asked if the ascension of Dana Walden and Gary Newman to Fox network heads (the duo were also the heads of 20th Century Fox TV, which produced "The X-Files" during its run) meant that a reboot was in the cards.

" ... [S]he and I have talked a lot about this," Carter said, referring to Walden. "That's just a way of saying there certainly have been conversations."

Carter also said that there wasn't any one big reason for the reboot not moving forward yet -- "I would assume nothing," he told Vulture -- but added that he's still close to star David Duchovny, giving fans the sense that the actor would also be on board to return for a new "X-Files" series.

Audiences may be inclined to trust no one, but Carter is as good a source as any. Stay tuned.

[via: Vulture]

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