The first teaser for the fifth season of "The Walking Dead" has shambled online, and it's full of the gooey drama we've come to know and love from the AMC zombie show. The last time we saw Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his pals, they were being locked up in a very creepy train car by a very creepy guy named Gareth (Andrew J. West). Our pals seemed like they were in serious danger of becoming snacks chez Terminus, but the finale left viewers with many more questions than answers.

This teaser reveals quite a bit about how things have been going for Rick and his ramshackle family, and things with Gareth and the other denizens of Terminus seem tense, to say the least. Gareth is totally down for Rick's plan to get his people to D.C so they can try and cure the zombie outbreak, but you know, they've just got to take care of some things first. Maybe some dying. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 12, with just as much zombie action as ever -- and maybe some human-on-human nomming to boot.

[Via The Wrap]

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