20th Century Fox Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014Legendary Pictures is a production company that is fast becoming a safe haven for big movies anchored by visionary filmmakers. This is the studio responsible for "300," "Pacific Rim," and a whole bunch of other super awesome projects (including the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy), and has cultivated a reputation of really bringing it to Comic-Con and the fabled, cavernous Hall H. This year was no different, with Legendary (now partnered with studio Universal) rolling out a veritable laundry list of really impressive projects that the audience ate up affectionately.

The panel was long and a little overwhelming, so we thought we'd break it down into a handy list of things that we learned during the panel. This will cover the gamut -- from Hall H to you!

1. 'Godzilla 2' Is Definitely Happening With Original Director Gareth Edwards...
While Gareth Edwards, the director of this summer's "Godzilla" reboot, has been tapped by Disney and Lucasfilm to direct one of the "Star Wars" spin-off movies, Legendary head Thomas Tull came out on stage to reiterate the fact that, yes, Edwards will be back. A short video then played of Edwards addressing the camera, saying that once he finishes his little sci-fi movie he'll be back for more battling monsters. (He was in San Francisco, where Lucasfilm is headquartered, and had a nice backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, famously destroyed in "Godzilla.")

2. ... And This Time He's Battling Some Famous Monsters
After Edwards's video, Tull played a confiscated video from Monarch, the monster-battling agency established in "Godzilla." That's where they revealed, ominously, that "There are others." What others, you ask? How about Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah. That's right: it's going to be a straight-up monster mash next time around. At the end of this teaser, they echoed the words of Ken Watanabe: LET THEM FIGHT.

3. 'Crimson Peak' Is Gorgeous
Guillermo del Toro (pictured), one of our favorite people on Earth (not to mention one of the most exciting filmmakers around), was on hand to deliver some news and footage from his forthcoming "Gothic romance" "Crimson Peak." The movie isn't coming out until October 2015, but del Toro is well into post-production, and the footage he showed was ravishing -- period costumes, an immaculately constructed mansion, and tons of wonderful actors (Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska). This is one of the more amazing-looking things we've feasted our eyes on all week, a perfect synthesis of the thematic concerns from his Spanish films and the rococo splendor of his American productions. Yes please.

4. And It's Going to Be Really Scary
Oh yeah, it also looks totally bone-chilling. Guillermo promised some pretty extreme violence. As Guillermo said: "It's incredibly beautiful but also very violent. I thought it was a great way to return to the genre."

5. "Hellboy 3" and "At the Mountains of Madness" Are Still on the Table
At the very end of his section of the panel, Guillermo took an informal poll, asking the audience if they were interested in comic-book three-quel "Hellboy 3" (cue thunderous applause) or long-delayed H.P. Lovecraft adaptation "At the Mountains of Madness" (somewhat less thunderous applause). At the very end, Tull returned to the stage and said, "After 'Pacific Rim 2,' we'll talk."

6. Michael Mann Didn't Seem Too Thrilled About Being at Comic-Con
Michael Mann, director of "Last of the Mohicans" and "Heat," took the Comic-Con stage for the first time for his cyber-world thriller "Blackhat," and could not have been less impressed with the size of his audience (or their unbridled levels of enthusiasm). In fact, he looked about three seconds away from telling the entire audience to get off his lawn. Poor nerds.

7. Chris Hemsworth Didn't Know How to Touch-Type
Mann was soon joined by his star, Chris Hemsworth, who of course looked like he had been chiseled out of a single slab of granite, and shared some stories from the set. But one thing that took us by surprise was the fact that Hemsworth didn't know how to touch-type before the movie. We guess when you're handsome, you don't need to worry about LinkedIn or Twitter.

8. 'Blackhat' Is International and Looks Great
They also showed the trailer, which looks really terrific -- Hemsworth plays a hacker who is broken out of prison in order to track down an even worse hacker (or something). It looks totally gorgeous, mixing the kind of naturalistic digital photography that Mann has favored recently with the more stylized look of his earlier movies (like "Thief"). Mann admitted that they did "74 themes in 4 countries in 66 days." And it shows: it has a great international vibe and could be a lovely bit of heat when it's released this winter.

9. We Still Don't Understand 'Warcraft'
Duncan Jones, wearing his Lunar Industries T-shirt (Jones directed "Moon"), was on-hand to, for the second year in a row, talk up his pricey video game adaptation "Warcraft." This time, he had actual footage from the movie, which looked pretty dazzling (pitting human warriors against toothsome orcs). That said, we still don't get it. Considering this movie isn't coming out until spring of 2016, hopefully we'll have time.

10. 'Skull Island' Is Actually Happening
At the very, very, very end of the panel, Tull showed some surprise footage of an unnamed movie. There was some pseudo-poetic narration placed over a rainy jungle island. The camera whooshes towards it. A waterfall that looks like a cadaverous skull looms ominously. Something rustles in the jungle. Finally, a giant ape pops out of the foliage: it's King Kong! A title card appears: "Skull Island." This was a project rumored long ago: "Game of Thrones" director Neil Marshall was attached as a writer and potential director, and while it's unknown whether or not he's still on board, it is telling that they just released a list of directors for next season of "Game of Thrones" and Marshall, who did this season's jaw-dropping episode at the Wall, wasn't on that list.. We're just saying...

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