The new trailer for "Constantine" is chock full of demons, dark hallways, blood, and bugs -- and that's just scratching the surface of the horrors awaiting audiences of the NBC series

Matt Ryan stars as the titular character, a demon hunter with a major chip on his shoulder. As he says in the clip, "I'm a nasty piece of work," and it's not hard to see why.

Constantine spends most of the trailer battling demons both real and internal, while also trying to protect others from their encroachment. There's a lot going on visually in the clip -- including bleeding eyes and mouths, shattering windows, and black souls swirling through the sky -- so it's a bit difficult to make out just who is good, bad, or somewhere in between. We have a feeling our protagonist is also meant to have a bit of a murky character makeup, too.

Nerdist reports that one character in particular has been completely retooled from a previous version of the pilot released to critics earlier this year. Viewers will have to wait until this fall to see for themselves if that change was for the best.

"Constantine" debuts on NBC on October 24.

[via: Nerdist, h/t Paste]