Emmy nominee Billy Bob Thornton may have won acclaim for the gritty FX drama "Fargo," but if he had his way, he'd guest star on a pair of polar opposite series.

During an appearance at the Emmy Performers Peer Group party in Beverly Hills Monday, Thornton revealed that his guilty pleasure show is "The Big Bang Theory," which he said his mother got him into. If he had the chance, Thornton said, he'd play "a guy who steals Penny [Kaley Cuoco] away" on the CBS comedy, and admitted that he sometimes gets a bit too wrapped up in the show.

"I started getting into all of these characters, and actually talk back to the television," the actor said in an interview posted on the Television Academy's Instagram account.

"I'll say, 'Cool it, Sheldon, could you lighten up?'" Thornton said of Jim Parsons's high-strung scientist character.

"I love it," he added. "I just think it's hilarious."

If that doesn't work out, though, Thornton has a back up plan: "Game of Thrones." The actor said he'd love to play Hodor's cousin on the hit HBO series, based on the books by George R.R. Martin.

Here's hoping the versatile actor gets at least one of his wishes.

[via: Variety, Television Academy]

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