What ever will we do without our beloved "The Bachelorette" on our TV screens every week? Now that Andi Dorfman has found her fairy tale ending it feels as though we won't be able to get the same reality romance fix.

But don't fret, #BachelorNation. There's a whole roster of similar programs that could easily fill the void and we've rounded them up just for you. Which shows should you take a chance on now that "The Bachelorette" is over? We're giving out roses to 9 perfectly good ones right here:

1. "The Bachelor Pad"
What's better than watching former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants all living together in a house? They're also competing for money this time, so there's extra drama! Things get wild and fighting ensues. Enjoy the ride...

2. "Dating Naked"
That title doesn't need much further explanation. The new Vh1 dating show documents people dating And they're also naked. Intrigued yet?

3. "Burning Love"
If you're a fan of shows like "The Bachelor" but you have a sense of humor about it all, you'll probably love Ken Marino's spoof of the franchise. "Burning Love" is spot on and hilarious, boasting a cast of guest stars like Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, and Kristen Bell.

4. "The Millionaire Matchmaker"
Bravo's long-running dating show is lead by the witty, no nonsense Patti Stanger -- a matchmaker who sets up millionaires with their dream dates. Her style is unconventional, the millionaires are always to get to know, and Patti's words of wisdom will stick with you (even if you disagree.)

5. "Flavor of Love"
Rapper Flavor Flav took to national TV to find love, and lucky for us, it was extremely entertaining. This is the show that brought us Tiffany "New York" Pollard (of the spinoff "I Love New York") and plenty of ridiculously memorable moments.

6. "Rock of Love"
Riding the succesful format of "Flavor of Love," "Rock of Love" chronicled Bret Michaels' quest for his soulmate. The show ran for three glorious seasons and is not to be missed.

7. "The Real World"
Why not take it back to the original reality experiment? We probably wouldn't have "The Bachelor" if "The Real World" hadn't paved the way for televised relationship drama.

8. "Four Weddings"
This TLC show isn't about dating, but instead focuses on a fierce competition to have the best wedding ever. Four women go head-to-head and attend each other's weddings and rate the celebrations on criteria like food and dress. At the end a winner is declared and she gets to go on a dream honeymoon. Bottom line: Weddings are serious business.

9. "Bachelor in Paradise"
Behold, the latest addition to the "Bachelor" universe: "Bachelor in Paradise." ABC's new show gives thrusts former contestants into an exotic location where they are given a second chance at love. Prepare to see some familiar faces and plenty of drama. The new show premieres August 4.

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