Guardians Rejects
Ooga-chaka! "Guardians of the Galaxy," the solar system's most anticipated summer adventure is about to arrive in theaters and make movie stars out of the freakiest-looking aliens this side of the Milky Way. A gigantic walking tree? A foul-mouthed raccoon with heavy artillery? As strange as these creatures may be, they are the only ones fit for the job -- and some classic outer space characters are about to find that out the hard way.

We've teamed up with comic book super artist Dennis Culver to imagine what would happen if our favorite science fiction heroes and buffoons tried to step into the shoes of Star Lord, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer. They get an "A" for effort, but they're more likely to make Thanos burst out laughing than shake in his boots.

Check out the line-up of Guardians Rejects in the photos below!

Leela of "Futurama" is about to find out that stupidity is not confined to the headquarters of Planet Express.
Guardians Rejects
When you need a hulking brute, programmed to inflict maximum revenge, it's highly illogical to hire a Vulcan for the job!
Guardians Rejects
Need to save the world asap? Roger from "American Dad" is too busy experimenting with a variety of wigs.
Guardians Rejects
I ... am ... from France. If this were an eating competition, Beldar the Conehead would be a first round Guardian.
Guardians Rejects
Who taught Stitch how to use that thing?
Guardians Rejects
And you can't have a super-hero without a super-villain. But the Predator's version of Thanos might be a little too intense.
Guardians Rejects

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