interstellar trailerAre you already feeling a tad melancholy today? Maybe a little weepy? Well, hold on to your feels because this trailer for "Interstellar" packs a wallop. Christopher Nolan's upcoming film stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as astronauts heading into the great unknown, in hopes of saving humanity from destroying itself. Earth is looking pretty frigging grim, so why not see if something out there in the great unknown has the answers we seek?

This trailer gives us a taste of the sorts of IMAX-sized questions Nolan et al will leave us to wrestle with in and out of the theater. Questions like, what happens when we give up on our greatest dreams of exploring space and time? What do you tell your children when you just don't know what the future holds? How do you Skype in space?

Just in case you weren't already having an existential crisis, Michael Caine provides some avuncular advice that includes a few choice bits from Dylan Thomas's famous poem "Do not go gentle into that good night." Between that, all the teary eyes, and the serious business score by Hans Zimmer, well, this will be one to see on the big screen come November.

[Via The Wrap]
Interstellar Movie Poster
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