kingdom trailer directvIf you thought Mixed Martial Arts were brutal enough on their own, "Kingdom" is here to prove that adding in some human drama makes the sport's stakes even higher.

The trailer for the new DirecTV series promises plenty of action both inside and outside of the MMA gym, run by Alvey "King" Kulina (Frank Grillo), described in the clip as a "legendary" fighter whose glory days seem to be behind him. Alvey is grooming his youngest son, played by former boy band star Nick Jonas, to be a master of the sport, but family turmoil with his eldest son (Jonathan Tucker, "Parenthood") threatens to topple the younger Kulina's chances.

Add in a love triangle, depictions of drug addiction, and one fighter at the Navy St. gym who's out on parole (and seems destined to be sent back to jail at any minute), and you've got the makings for a tense, gripping series. Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, and Joanna Going also star.

"Kingdom," which is set for a 10-episode run, makes it debut on DirecTV's Audience Network on October 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

[via Deadline]

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The owner of an MMA gym develops the next generation of fighters including his sons Jay and Nate. Read More