With the announcement that there's going to be a new King Kong feature, "Skull Island," due in theaters in 2016, many have wondered who will sit in the director's chair. Some people think it should be Guillermo del Toro -- and so does Peter Jackson.

Speaking during a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con about his latest flick, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," Jackson was asked for his thoughts on the revived "King Kong" brand, and del Toro's presumed -- though unconfirmed -- involvement in the project. While Jackson said he hadn't heard anything about the production, he had nothing but praise to heap on his friend and fellow filmmaker.

"I would look forward to it," Jackson told reporters. "If Guillermo did 'King Kong,' that would be great. That would be fantastic. I'll be there on the first day, and will help him with anything he needs."

The director also indicated that there wouldn't be any bad blood with someone resurrecting the venerable "Kong" brand so soon after Jackson's own take on the material, since he has thought about his other, more high-profile (and profitable) projects getting the reboot treatment, too.

"I've always wondered, if in my lifetime, whether we're going to see 'The Lord of the Rings' film remade, or 'The Hobbit' remade. How long will it actually last or survive until someone remakes it? It will be interesting to see," Jackson said. "But with 'Kong,' we were the ones who remade it for the third time."

Whether or not del Toro ends up with the directing job, it's good to know that the film has Jackson's blessing (and possible support).

"Skull Island" is due in theaters on November 2, 2016.

[via: Collider, h/t Cinema Blend]

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