"Sharknado 2: The Second One" premiered on SyFy last night and as expected, the ridiculous factor was high and the gif-able scenes came out in full force. This sequel did not disappoint.

If you didn't watch or if you want to relive all the magic, we're taking a look back at the 23 most outrageous moments from the fine disaster film. There were actually more like 120 moments because EVERY minute of this movie was absolutely bonkers, but we narrowed it down to the creme de la creme.

Here you go:

1. Right off the bat (bats actually play into the film later, by the way), Fin (Ian Ziering) freaks out when he sees sharks falling from the sky outside of his plane. "It's happening again," he says to April (Tara Reid.)

2. Eventually the sharks completely take over the flight and one busts right through flight attendant Kelly Osbourne's HEAD.

3. Then there was that time where Tara Reid hangs out of the airplane screaming for way too long and subsequently gets her hand bitten off by a shark.

4. Later, Andy Dick plays a police officer.

5. And then Billy Ray Cyrus appears as an ER doctor, because ... well, there's no explanation.

6. There was also that time where a TV weather person talked about a "southern shark storm wind" like that was totes a regular thing like "cloudy with a chance of rain" and she used shark graphics to show the weather pattern. Not normal.

7. And when Skye (Vivica Fox) sees Fin for the first time she dramatically says to him, "I forgot to give you something last time I saw you" and totally smooches him right then and there. Smooth!

8. Not long after that, Ellen (Mark McGrath's badass wife) tasers a shark after it eats a lady's face on the ferry.

9. Then the head of the Statue of Liberty rolls through the streets of NYC terrorizing people, including Daymond John of the show "Shark Tank." (Get it? Get it?)

10. And of course, Biz Markie shows up as a pizza place owner and stabs a shark WITH A KNIFE AND PUTS IT IN HIS PIZZA OVEN. No biggie.

11. Judd Hirsch lent his acting talents to this project by playing a taxi driver, but met his fate in an unfortunate moment where he had to swing from a flimsy rope from a cab over the flooded streets. Things don't work out when he (spoiler alert?) gets eaten by a shark in the process.

12. Vivica Fox creates a bomb-infused slingshot.

13. Vivica Fox pulls out a huge sword and slices through a flying shark.

14. At one point, sharks fly out of hotel elevators and (presumably) eat the concierge who has been just standing around doing his work like business as usual. So, sharknados are taking over NYC, but like, he's gonna save those personal days for another time.

15. There are flaming sharks plummeting from the sky and crushing people on the sidewalk.

16. Then a fiery shark chases everyone up the stairs.

17. Um, April (Tara Reid, who lost her hand earlier on the shark plane) now has a SAW as a replacement appendage and takes it to a shark in a bloody battle.

18. Fin falls through the electrified sharknado with chainsaw in tow as if gravity does not exist. This happens for what seems like 2 hours until he basically rides a shark until it is ultimately impaled by the Empire State Building.

19. Kelly Ripa steps on a shark with her high heel. Also, why is she still filming "Live With Kelly and Michael" while all of this is going on?

20. New York City becomes a free-for-all shark war where chainsaws and machine guns abound. This culminates in Matt Lauer sticking an umbrella through a shark on live TV.

21. Fin reaches into a the shark's mouth, takes out a human arm holding a gun (we assume this to be Tara Reid's lost hand), and uses said gun to shoot at remaining live sharks.

22. Then he proposes to April because what better time than post-sharknado (the second one) to make a huge life decision, right? But of course, he puts the ring on her right hand because SHE HAS A BLADE ON HER OTHER ONE.

23. Just ... just ... this.

Photo courtesy of Syfy
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