marvel movies montageOne of the more expectedly thrilling moments of the Marvel presentation at San Diego Comic-Con was a nifty little montage that rundown a whole host of classic moments from the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There were moments from films that you love and remember (like the first "Iron Man" movie) and things that you've already forgotten (like all of "Thor: The Dark World"), but taken together, it was a profoundly impressive -- a look back at all that was, right before a look forward at what will be (namely, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" footage).

Well, thanks to a tweet from the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, who said that he was "Proud to be a part of the Marvel universe," you can now watch the montage for yourself. In fact -- it's right here, just below this text! And it's really, really cool (especially when it expands out into the galactic stuff).

There are two things that are probably the most mind-boggling about this little montage: one, the fact that they pulled this thing off at all. Just think about it -- separate, huge movies that occasionally feed into one giant superhero team-up movie and features that crisscross in and out of films. It's so complicated and insane and yet Marvel has totally pulled it off (and not only that -- made it look easy). The second thing that really got me while watching this montage in the sweaty bowels of Hall H was that you really care about these characters. Some of these characters, like Thor or Iron Man, were largely unknown to those who don't camp out to get a glimpse of this stuff, but they have all permeated the popular culture, become part of the zeitgeist and become characters who we root for and have a genuine emotional investment in.

Marvel has created an impressive achievement, on both a commercial and artistic level, and the sheer complexity boggles the mind. So just soak it up and enjoy. These are characters who you don't mind rooting for.