benedict cumberbatchApparently, every year at San Diego Comic-Con, MTV host Josh Horowitz does a game called "Geeks or Posers" (via Vulture). Horowitz, as is his style, asks celebrities, including Jack Black, Daniel Radcliffe, Key and Peele and, of course, Benedict Cumberbatch, super nerdy questions and watches, gleefully, as they are either unable to answer such basement-dwelling foolishness, or actually engages with the weirdness. Either way, we win.

So, behold the video below and watch as Cumberbatch does impressions of both Jar Jar Binks and Gollum, Channing Tatum half-heartedly defends Jar Jar Binks, and Daniel Radcliffe basically doesn't even try. (Also, how does Evangeline Lily not know what "Back to the Future" is? Oh well, she makes up for it for admitting that she was in one of the "Riddick" movies but can't remember which one.) It's not much of a surprise when it turns out that Kevin Smith knows everything because, obviously, he's the biggest dork on Earth. And we mean that endearingly.

It's like we never left Comic-Con! (Dear god we're thankful we actually left Comic-Con.)

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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