Chris Pratt is crushing Hollywood with his giant new muscles, but his yearbook photos are as adorable as his "Parks and Rec" character Andy Dwyer. A Redditor who went to high school with Pratt posted pics from their yearbook, and they are the sorts of goofy photos that made us fall for him back when he was just pretending to be Bert Macklin. You can check out the whole Reddit thread here.

Seriously, look at the senior photo above. You just wanna take him home to mom, right?

Here he is getting fake-punched in the face by a fellow class clown (and let's all bow down to her '90s style, because come on, that rocks).

Check out these sweet wrestling moves.

And now the equally hilarious Anna Faris is eating a giant bowl of tater tots with him. Chris Pratt is probably French braiding Anna's hair right now.

Or maybe he's rapping for her.

Think about it -- he's definitely the one that got away.

[via Vulture]

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