Left Behind TrailerIt's news to no one that Nicolas Cage has a very colorful track record of movie choices, and his latest gig is no exception. The newest, doom-filled trailer for "Left Behind" all but inserts the Academy Award-winning actor into an episode of HBO's gloomy "The Leftovers."

"Left Behind," based on the best-selling Christian book series of the same name (which, it should be noted, were published years before "The Leftovers" was even a glimmer in HBO's eyes), finds Cage forced to man an airplane solo after a sizable chunk of his passengers -- co-pilot included -- have mysteriously disappeared. As it turns out, the unexplained "vanishings" have occurred all around the globe. There's also plenty of religious symbolism to go along with it, which makes sense given the story's source material. (Also, you should probably check out the trailer for the "Left Behind" starring Kirk Cameron for the sake of comparison.)

If you're not intrigued yet, maybe the trailer will hook you. Check it out below.

Left Behind Movie Poster
Left Behind
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