sons of anarchy trailerIt's a ride or die situation for Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and his crew on this trailer for the last season of "Sons of Anarchy." The FX drama debuts on September 9th with a special 90-minute episode, and judging by this slick minute, it will be full of vrooming hogs, giant beards, meaningful looks, and, oh yeah, some serious butt-kicking. There's punching, a gun stand-off, a big hunting knife, and some dead shmuck whose dead body is unceremoniously dumped in a hole in the ground.

Also, shirtless Charlie Hunnam. What more do you need? Oh, how about Marilyn Manson as a white supremacist? Walton "cloggin'" Goggins back as Venus Van Dam? Maybe a little Courtney Love? That's what we thought.

Sons of Anarchy TV Show Poster
Sons of Anarchy
FXTVMASeptember 3, 2008
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An outlaw motorcycle club is intent on protecting its sheltered California town. Read More