We're deep into "Pretty Little Liars" fifth season, and A is officially back in action. Although, let's be real –– this hooded stalker never really left the sepia-toned streets of Rosewood, though s/he did take a brief vacation from the ritualistic stalking of a bunch of teenagers long enough for the PLLs to think they were free. Hah, please. After all, life in Rosewood wouldn't be complete without snarky texts and the occasional bout of arson.

Now that our favorite masked villain is back, there's a whole new slew of possible subjects and we've put together a list of contenders!

1. Alison DiLaurentis
Does anyone else find it strange that A showed up in Rosewood at the same time as Alison? Sure, this dead girl walking was supposedly stalked to the point of fleeing her hometown, but don't forget that Ali is a compulsive liar with an advanced degree in sleuthing. She has most of Rosewood convinced of her kidnapping, and we already know she's capable of lying to her friends. Because she does so in literally every episode. Meanwhile, people are so terrified of Ali that there's a club at Rosewood High dedicated to getting her back for years of bullying. Could it have been a club member who tried to strangle Ali in her house as payback for being A?

2. Zack
Zack is the formerly not perverted owner of The Brew ("Pretty Little Liars'" answer to The Double R Diner), who happens to be engaged to Aria's mom, Ella Montgomery. For two seasons, Zack was simply an innocent pastry chef who whisked Ella away to a castle in Vienna, but he's since morphed into an adulterer who preys on underage girls. Zack solicited Hanna Marin for a hookup not once, but twice, and spent this week's episode making creepy paper flowers with Aria before being kicked to the curb by Ella. Basically, he's major league A material.

3. Sydney Driscoll
Sydney is a relative newbie to Rosewood, but ever since she joined the swim team and cozied up to Emily, we've been on A-alert. It's a truth universally acknowledged that any Rosewood High transfer student has ulterior motives, and naturally Sydney turned out to be part of Mona and Jenna's A-rmy (see what we did there?). Who knows what Sydney wants with the "Pretty Little Liars," but she looks like a dead-ringer for the mysterious woman wearing a veil at Wilden's funeral (aka The Black Widow), and that veil was most definitely featured in A's lair....

4. Melissa Hastings
Melissa has consistently been on our A List since the formative years of "Pretty Little Liars", but she's looking guiltier and guiltier as the episodes progress. Not only did Melissa and her dad possibly murder Mrs. DiLaurentis and bury her in their backyard, Spencer and Emily just found out that Melissa rode at the same stables as Bethany Young, the Radley Sanitarium patient who was found in Alison's grave. Did Melissa kill Bethany, have no choice but to off Mrs. D once she wizened up, and then continue her reign of terror as Mama A? It's not like she's doing much else with her life, so probably.

5. Noel Kahn
We were under the impression that Noel worked exclusively for Ali since she asked him to break into the Marin household, but this week the PLLs discovered that Noel is out for himself. Not only was he caught casually listening to a tape of Alison's voice (as one does), Emily found a stack of creepy Ali-themed photos hidden in his car along with a recording device. You know who spends their free time taking pictures of teenagers? That would be A. Sure, Noel claims the photos are for insurance against Ali, but we aren't inclined to believe someone who spends his leisure hours lurking under sheets and threatening ladies.

WILDCARD: Byron Montgomery
We know what you're thinking: Byron has barely been featured this season. Because he's busy being A. First of all, Chad Lowe's entire life has been leading up to this moment. The moment where he turns out to be a crazy stalker who texts teenagers all day. But in all seriousness, it's definitely possible that Aria's dad moonlights as a deranged cyber terrorist with a vendetta against his daughter's best friends. Let's not forget that Byron had it out for Alison thanks the time she blackmailed him for cheating on Ella. He also spoke to Ali on the night she "died," after getting Ella black-out drunk. Are these the actions of a normal middle-aged father? Not exactly. What are you up to, Byron?

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