"Jersey Shore" is expanding its reach to the Spanish-speaking set with a new Latin American spinoff, "Acapulco Shore."

The new series, produced by MTV Latin America, follows the same premise as the MTV original: attractive young people partying their brains out at a beautiful beachfront setting. It follows similar international spinoffs from the U.K. ("Geordie Shore"), Poland ("Warsaw Shore"), and Spain ("Gandia Shore").

Maria Iregui, Brand Manager of MTV Latin America, promised that the new series would offer "Drama, friendship and partying - the hallmarks of the MTV franchise are all encapsulated in 'Acapulco Shore.'" The show's Facebook page put it a bit less delicately, declaring, "there will be much sex in Mexico!"

For fans of "Jersey Shore," that should sound about right. American viewers can watch "Acapulco Shore" on MTV's bilingual network, Tr3s, starting in September.

[via: Variety, h/t Uproxx]

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