In some ways, DC Comics properties have prospered more fully on television network The CW (and, before it, The WB) than they have on the big screen. "Smallville," a tale of Clark Kent's humble beginnings, aired for a whopping 10 (!) seasons, while pseudo-spin-off "Arrow," which is about to go into its third season, has been something close to a sensation for those all-important target demographics. (The less said about "Birds of Prey," the better.) And coming this fall, "The Flash" will speed onto the CW, swirling in its own hype (it is a sort-of spin-off of "Arrow"). This new teaser should get your heart racing even if you aren't that psyched about the character... although for us, it felt kind of familiar.

The trailer is very brief: Grant Gustin, as the title character, narrates gruffly. "My name is Barry Allen," he says. "And I am the fastest man alive." Then cue all sorts of "zooming by stuff" shots, as well as slow motion of Gustin, in the iconic red costume, barreling down a street. (The computer generated shake that they apply to cars as he passes by is either super cool or super lame; jury is still out.) The Hollywood Reporter points out that this narration is a nod to the Wally West version of The Flash that appeared in writer Mark Waid's run in the nineties.

They also suggest that a scrap of dialogue that flits by in the background (an anonymous voice saying "Inside your body could be the map to a whole new universe") could point to the introduction of the DC Multiverse, in which there are multiple Flashes and other things that make our brain hurt but would signal a way that the Flash could exist on television and in the movies (particularly the forthcoming "Justice League") at the same time.

And while this teaser was cool and all, it still reminded us of the 1990 TV series "The Flash," which utilized practical and photographic effects (like sped-up shots that were originally filmed in normal speed) and featured a truly memorable Danny Elfman theme. That show, which wrestled with issues of tone and belivability, is none-the-less worth a watch, and out on DVD in its entirety.

Only time will tell how this new "Flash" stacks up to that series, although we're not sure how many people remember the 1990 show. Oh well. "The Flash" (the new one) premieres on October 7th at 8.