While "Better Call Saul," the highly anticipated (and, from what we understand, a little troubled) spin-off of "Breaking Bad" won't debut until February of 2015, but already the AMC hype machine has started up, beginning with a series of billboards for Bob Odenkirk's noxious lawyer, that have been spotted around L.A. But photos or footage from the series (which has prematurely been renewed for a second season) have been scarce. Until now. Everybody ready to return to the "Breaking Bad"-verse?

As Vanity Fair reports, a brief, ten-second clip aired during a recent "Breaking Bad" marathon (in which your dorky neighbor furiously tried to catch up so they could not feel totally out of the loop during the next block party – dream on, Harold), featuring Odenkirk with a slightly more robust wig. He's clearly trying to woo a new client and says, in perfect Saul Goodman fashion, "Lawyers, we're like health insurance –- you hope you never need it but man oh man, not having it? No." Then the words "Better Call Saul" and "February 2015." We thought there'd be more of a tip of the hat to the original series, maybe that distinctive "Breaking Bad" twang sound, but no.