mean girls reunionWhile "Mean Girls" fans didn't get the full-blown reunion they'd been hoping for when the flick turned 10 earlier this year, three of the film's stars hosted their own mini reunion this past weekend, making our day in the process.

Actor Daniel Franzese posted some photos on Instagram this weekend, revealing that he recently met up with former co-stars Amy Poehler and Lizzy Caplan in Hollywood. Franzese and Caplan played artsy misfits Damien and Janice in the 2004 comedy, who took Lindsay Lohan's character under their wing in an effort to take down the titular mean girl gang, the Plastics; Poehler played the mother of Plastics ringleader Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

The trio were at the Chateau Marmont celebrating Caplan's belated birthday (the actress turned 32 in June) and recent Emmy nomination for her Showtime series "Masters of Sex." Franzese describes Caplan in a caption as "one of the greatest people you will ever meet," a nod to a line from "Mean Girls," and also tagged the photo #northshore10yrreunion, in reference to the fictional high school that the characters attended (and an event that we desperately wish would become a reality).

It looks like the trio had a great time hanging out, and we hope that their celebration included a "Mean Girls" quote-off. But next time, guys, could you invite us, too? That would be fetch.

[via: Instagram, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]

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