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What's It About?Tom Hardy stars as a construction foreman who's driving to London to attend the birth of his child. You really shouldn't have stressful conversations on your cell while driving, but Ivan (Hardy) doesn't care. He has to make sure his big job tomorrow goes as planned, confess to his wife that he cheated on her with a co-worker, and coaching the aforementioned co-worker through the premature birth of their baby. Yikes.
Why We're IN: Hardy is more than capable of commanding the screen for the entirety of the movie. Although you hear other characters' voices, it's all Hardy, all the time. Who could argue with that?

Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week
"Love Streams" (Criterion)
What's It About?John Cassavetes and real-life wife Gena Rowlands star as siblings who turn to each other for support after being left by everyone else in their lives.
Why We're IN: This is one of Cassavetes's best, most personal films. The Criterion release is the full 141 minutes version, and it includes the typical Criterion bells and whistles, like a 2K digital restoration, interviews, and a 60-minute doc on the making of the film.

New on DVD & Blu-ray

"Batman: Assault on Arkham"
What's It About? The baddies in the Suicide Squad (which includes Deadshot, Black Spider, King Shark, and Harley Quinn) managed to get back into Arkham in an attempt to finally knock off the Riddler. Of course, they've gotta contend with Batman first.
IN or OUT: If you or your pre-teens are diehard DC fans who will watch this over and over again, it will pay for itself. Otherwise, it's not a must-have.

"The Blacklist: The Complete First Season"
What's It About?James Spader stars as a notorious criminal who surrenders to the FBI in order to help catch a terrorist. Oh, and he'll only work with one certain FBI agent, newbie Liz Keen (Megan Boone). Very curious, indeed.
IN or OUT: If you're obsessed with "The Black List," this 5-disc set will keep you busy for a while.

"Breathe In"
What's It About?Felicity Jones ("The Amazing Spider-Man 2," the upcoming "Theory of Everything") plays a foreign exchange student who really shakes things up in her host family's house. Guy Pearce co-stars as the confused patriarch who, as you can guess from the cover art, gets pretty close to his new charge.
IN or OUT: Although critics went crazy for Drake Doremus's previous film, "Like Crazy," "Breathe In" didn't make anyone lose their marbles.

"Disneynature's Bears"
What's It About? John C. Reilly narrates this doc about a bear mama and her two bear babies hanging out in Alaska.
IN or OUT: People went wild for this short but sweet nature documentary.

What's It About? James McAvoy stars as a generally loathsome detective who's hoping to get a sweet promotion if he cracks his latest case. Lots of drugs, sex, violence, and the kind of stuff you'd expect from an adaptation of a book by Irvine Welsh.
IN or OUT: Critics were a little mixed. It depends on your sense of humor and just how dark and violent you like your comedy.

"Frankie & Alice"
What's It About?Halle Berry plays a woman with dissociative identity disorder working closely with a psychiatrist (Stellan Skarsgard) to deal with her troubled past.
IN or OUT: This might be worth a rental, if only to find out why it was released in 2010 (for a qualifying awards run) and then shelved for another few years.

"Hateship Loveship"
What's It About?Kristen Wiig stars as Johanna, a mousy live-in caregiver who moves in with an older gentleman (Nick Nolte) and his granddaughter (Hailee Steinfeld). Sabitha (Steinfeld) and a friend decide to prank Johanna by pretending to write emails to her from Sabitha's hot but troubled dad Ken (Guy Pearce).
IN or OUT: Fans of Alice Munro might be interested in this adaptation of her short story, but they also might dislike it even more than people who don't love Munro already.

"A Haunted House 2"
What's It About?Marlon Wayans is back as Malcolm, a guy who just can't escape dating women with demons. Like, the supernatural kind.
IN or OUT: Terrible. Terrible. TERRIBLE.

"Low Winter Sun: The Complete Series"
What's It About? This AMC drama stars Mark Strong as a detective dealing with the icky underbelly of crooked cops and Detroit organized crime. It's based on the two-part miniseries that aired in the UK a few years ago.
IN or OUT: It's already been canceled, so maybe just rent the original.

"Muppets Most Wanted"
What's It About? The Muppets go global as Kermie et al perform in some of the hottest spots around the world. Unfortunately, an evil mastermind who happens to look just like our fine froggie friend gets them sucked into a big criminal mess. Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and Ty Burrell are a few of the human co-stars.
IN or OUT: It didn't go over as well as the first, but it still hits that sweet Muppet spot.

What's It About?Nicolas Cage stars as a guy with a very special set of illegal, violent skills who puts them to use when his daughter is kidnapped. He calls on his old crew to bring the pain and bring his daughter back home.
IN or OUT: So far out, man.

"The Railway Man"
What's It About?Colin Firth plays Eric Lomax, a real-life POW survivor whose trauma comes to light when he begins a romantic relationship with Patti (Nicole Kidman). She encourages him to face his past, and the man who tortured him.
IN or OUT: Maudlin and boring, despite a stellar cast and an age-appropriate couple.

New on Blu-ray

"Elvis: That's the Way It Is (Special Edition)"
What's It About? The King still has it in this concert doc about his performance at the International Hotel Showroom in Las Vegas. It includes footage of his rehearsals and other behind-the-scenes stuff.
IN or OUT: It comes in a DigiBook, and it has some cool extras, but it hasn't been remastered or anything fancy like that. Still, it comes recommend for fans of Elvis.

"Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume Three"
What's It About? This 2-disc set comes with 50 classic cartoons from Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.
IN or OUT: This is a good investment for parents who need a break from "Yo! Gabba Gabba" and/or anyone who gets nostalgic for their childhood.

"Motel Hell (Collector's Edition)"
What's It About? This is a goofy horror flick from 1980 about farmers who also run a hotel. They also have a side business selling yummy BBQ that happens to be the flesh of their hotel guests.
IN or OUT: If you're into cheesy horror from the '80s, this Shout Factory release could hit the spot.

Out of the Past (Warner Archive Collection)
What's It About? Jacques Tourneur's film noir stars Robert Mitchum as a former PI trying to shed his past. Unfortunately, a gambler named Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas) reappears to drag him back to the big bad city and all that it entails.
IN or OUT: This is a classic film noir that any collector will want to add to his or her collection.

"The Toxic Avenger"
What's It About? Melvin is just a janitor who transforms into a crime-fighting Monster Hero after accidentally landing in a vat of toxic waste.
IN or OUT: If you love Lloyd Kaufman and his Tromaville freaks, this is definitely one Blu-ray you'll want to bring home.

"Viva Las Vegas (50th Anniversary)"
What's It About? Elvis and Ann-Margret star in this musical about a race car driver who falls for a babely swimming instructor in, you guessed it, Las Vegas.
IN or OUT: The Blu-ray itself hasn't been updated since its 2007 release, but hey, it comes in a nifty DigiBook.

"The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad / Fun and Fancy Free (2-Movie Collection Edition)"
What's It About? This 2-disc set comes with the above animated movies, as well as "The Reluctant Dragon."
IN or OUT: These movies aren't in the greatest of shape, but three for the price of one isn't a bad deal.

"Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Special Edition)"
What's It About? This proto-"Poppins" stars Angela Lansbury as a witch who was going to help save England during WWII, but ends up taking care of three kids who were evacuated from London because of the Blitz. They end up going on a wild array of magical adventures, and, yes, they save England to boot.
IN or OUT: In!

What's It About? This is the animated version of the Greek myth, kids. You will not be smelling what the Rock is cooking here.
IN or OUT: Disney freaks might have a few quibbles with the quality of the video, but critics were into it.

"Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (10th Anniversary Edition)"
What's It About? These three musketeers are out to save Princess Minnie -- you know the one with the ears? -- in this Disney animated movie.
IN or OUT: Critics were underwhelmed with this take on Alexandre Dumas's tale.

What's It About? Disney's 1999 take on "Tarzan" features the voice acting talents of Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal"), Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, and Lance Henriksen.
IN or OUT: It got surprisingly good reviews from critics, although it's no "Jungle Book."

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