If we can say anything about James Franco, it's that he knows how to promote his smaller projects with aplomb. He posted a few snaps of his new blonde hairdo to Instagram, and instantly the Internet is abuzz with news about his role in the new movie "Michael." The award-winning Gus Van Sant is an executive producer on the project, which is about a gay journalist named Michael Glatze who becomes an "ex-gay" pastor. In the movie, Michael quits the magazine he co-founded, "Young Gay America," breaks up with his boyfriend (played by Zachary Quinto), and marries a woman (Emma Roberts).

Although Van Sant is "only" the executive producer, having his name attached is no small deal. He's directed numerous influential movies with award-winning performances, including "My Own Private Idaho," "Good Will Hunting," and "Milk," so if even one of Franco's social media fans takes it upon themselves to investigate his work, it will be a win for everyone. Justin Kelly is directing, and the script is based on this New York Times feature about the real Glatze.

Although Franco could be accused of being overly self-serious, he did poke fun of himself by Photoshopping himself into pics of boy bands worthy of his new blonde 'do.