We've had a lot of feelings about Johnny Depp over the years, from his smoldering "Winona Forever" days to, well, pretty much everything from the past few years. However, this trailer for the upcoming spy comedy "Mortdecai" looks promising.

Depp's character, Charlie Mortdecai, is a veddy fancy art dealer (he has his own bloody manservant, thank you!) who has to find some MacGuffin-y painting that could hold the key to a trove of Nazi gold. Meanwhile, he's got a slew of people hot on his trail, from his wife to the British M15. The cast of "Mortdecai" includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Aubrey Plaza, Oliver Platt, and a whole lot of other cool customers. We don't get much in the way of plot deets, but the stylish '60s vibe goes well with the goofy British mannerisms of our hero.

David Koepp, who wrote "Jurassic Park," "Carlito's Way," "Mission: Impossible," and a ton of other scripts, is directing. He worked with Johnny Depp on "Secret Window," which Koepp both wrote the screenplay for and directed. The script draws from "The Mortdecai Trilogy" by the late Kyril Bonfiglioli.

"Mortdecai" opens February 6, 2015. A February release date isn't the best sign, but we're blindly optimistic. Watch the trailer over at Apple Trailers.