2013 Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere Of IFC Films'
Okay, so a lo-fi release on Bandcamp isn't quite the same as Queen Bey unleashing an entire digital library of music videos when a great deal of the world was snoozing, but give Michael Cera credit where credit is due. The sweet-faced actor, who was last seen acting like a total a-hole in "This Is The End," uploaded an entire called "true that" to Bandcamp a few days ago. (The album's Bandcamp page indicates it was released on August 8th, but most sites are reporting it was released last night. YMMV.) Jonah Hill tweeted the link last night, and lots of curious folks clicked over to listen. Yeah, it's easy to say that it sounds like the kind of music you'd expect Michael Cera to make -- sort of warbly and weird, mostly instrumental, folksy -- but that doesn't mean it's not really good and worth at least $7. Although it doesn't quite reach the sort of noisy freak folk heights of, say, Devendra Banhart, it's a nice little collection to listen to on a summer afternoon.

[Via The AV Club]

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